The surface of Lake Weissensee gently steams away as if exhaling.

The sun peaks timidly over the horizon into the fog-free, sun-drenched high valley.

A few meters away from the shore, the idyll is interrupted only by Hannes, who’s long been puttering around the kitchen of the Forelle, as one can tell from the aromas wafting through the house. His mountain bike will need to wait a while longer.

And then there’s Monika, the business’ pulsating heart whose individual touches are found throughout. In the form of loving details made of timber, felt or stone that combine harmoniously. Whether it be in the bright comfort rooms and suites, at the fireplace bar, or on the balconies and terraces facing the lake that seem to merge with the water. In the relaxation and sauna areas permeated with the balmy scent of stone-pine. And even more so at the reception desk and in the restaurant. Her afternoons, however, are reserved for her children, their individual programs and other life tasks.

The family’s next generation – Hanna, Moritz and Lorenz – are her greatest pride and joy.

Granny Erika, prior to retreating to

the herb and flower garden, is taking a crisp loaf of bread out of the oven, which is available at the breakfast table every morning. When time permits, she enjoys a game of cards in her ladies’ circle or explores the surrounding mountain world in her hiking boots.

Grandpa Hans, the mountaineer, loves mounting both horse and bike and passionately takes care of the “Zöhrer farm.” Before fetching the finest Austrian wines from the cellar to taste them with his guests.

And in the midst of it all, guests often catch sight of great grandmother Hilde, who doesn’t miss the smallest detail.

Engaged in a common project, they are accomplishing something great that will last. For the sake of all generations and the environment. And for their guests, who can rest assured in the knowledge that the host family itself would love spending their holidays at this place.

Erika, Monika, Hans, Hannes, Hanna, Moritz and Lorenz Müller