Fitted with Technogym equipment, our panoramic gym provides a fantastic view over Lake Weissensee and its natural environs.


Enjoy a massage treatment carried out by our therapists Christiane or Ursula

Back-neck massage or body massage

Various massage techniques to manually influence the body’s functional systems.

  • Back-neck massage 25 min € 36,-
  • Full-body massage 50 min € 64,-


A holistic massage therapy to alleviate fluid retention and eliminate toxins build up in the body. Based on the recognition that our feet mirror the health and comfort of our entire body. The application of pressure on specific points of the feet energizes the corresponding zone or function of the body and helps activate self-healing powers.

  • 25 min € 39,-

Combined massage

Combination of foot reflexology and back-neck massage.

  • 50 min € 66,-

Lymphatic drainage of head and face (cosmetic massage)

Soothing cosmetic massage designed to relax and give an improved sense of wellbeing.

  • 25 min € 35,-

Raindrop .... Wellness for the soul

A unique method used to bring the body back into structural alignment. During the raindrop technique, nine essential oils are dropped onto the back and massaged with gentle strokes. Helps to relieve muscle tensions and activate self-healing powers.

  • Raindrop with Young Living oils 50 min € 74,-

Lomi-Lomi massage ... Indulgence for body, mind & spirit

Ancient holistic healing art practised as a rite of passage in the temples of ancient Hawaii. Lomi-Lomi is a rhythmic massage feeling like gentle ocean waves ebbing and flowing over the body that help to alleviate muscular and psychological tensions.

  • 50 min € 71,-


In a Shiatsu session pressure is applied to specific body parts with fingers, balms, feet, elbows and knee. It also includes the use of flowing stretches and gentle rotations. The treatment is usually performed on a floor mat with the person receiving shiatsu dressed in comfortable loose clothing (preferably cotton).
Please don’t eat a heavy meal before your treatment. Wear comfortable outfits.

  • 60 min € 72,-