Fitted with Technogym equipment, our panoramic gym provides a fantastic view over Lake Weissensee and its natural environs.


Enjoy a massage treatment carried out by our therapists Christiane or Ursula

Back-neck massage or body massage

Various massage techniques to manually influence the body’s functional systems.

  • Back-neck massage 25 min € 44,-
  • Full-body massage 50 min € 72,-


A holistic massage therapy to alleviate fluid retention and eliminate toxins build up in the body. Based on the recognition that our feet mirror the health and comfort of our entire body. The application of pressure on specific points of the feet energizes the corresponding zone or function of the body and helps activate self-healing powers.

  • 25 min € 47,-

Head-face-shoulder-neck massage

Relax your head and neck muscles with classic massage techniques. Targeted grips and the right amount of pressure relax your much stressed neck area.

25 min € 44,-

Aroma oil massage

Relaxing massage with specially selected herbal oils, which you choose for yourself and which bring the unadulterated power of nature to bear. Wonderfully relaxing and purifying.

25 min € 49,-
50 min € 79,-

Muscle release massage

A lot of movement brings strong muscles... they also want to be relaxed. In this massage, we focus entirely on your needs, which arise from a lot of sport and exercise. Pressureful work brings relaxed muscles.

25 min € 44,-


A truly aromatic and relaxing experience with fragrant, warm massage wax. Choose from a variety of scented candles and enjoy. The body's blood circulation is stimulated by a brush massage. Then the effect of the scented candle can be fully appreciated. We will gladly adapt the massage to your needs.

50 min € 72,-

Relax & Care for the face

Cleansing massage with cleansing milk and facial peeling. Nourishing intensive mask depending on the skin condition. Then relax with a face, neck, décolleté and neck massage.

50 min € 74,-

Deep sound massage

This combination of classic massage with special oils, singing bowl, cupping and the fascia roller leads to special deep relaxation. The bowls are placed on the body and made to sound. The vibration is transferred to the body in a pleasant way and leads to deep relaxation.

50 min € 74,-

Stone massage with warm stones

Enjoy a massage where you are massaged with fine oils and warm stones. The warm stimulus promotes blood circulation, increases the supply of oxygen to the cells, loosens the muscles and thus relieves tension. This massage gets the energy flowing and activates self-healing powers.

90 min € 115,00
Combination massage

A combination of foot reflexology and back and neck massage

50 min € 74,-
Lymphatic drainage head-face (cosmetic massage)

This is a soothing cosmetic massage that brings relaxation and a pleasant feeling of well-being.

25 min € 47,-

Raindrop .... Wellness for the soul

Is a unique method to relax the back muscles in a new way. In the process, 9 high-quality essential oils are dripped onto the back and distributed through gentle strokes. The aim is to relax the muscles and activate the self-healing powers. (only possible on Wednesdays)

Raindrop with Young Living oils 50 min € 82,-.
Lomi-Lomi-Massage ... Pleasure for body, mind & soul

In ancient Hawaii this massage was used by the wise as a ritual for holistic healing. Lomi-Lomi flows rhythmically, harmoniously like a wave over the body. In this way muscular and mental tensions are released. (only possible on Wednesdays)

50 min € 79,-


During a Shiatsu treatment, pressure is applied to specific areas of the body with fingers, palms, feet, elbows and knees. It also involves the application of simple stretches and rotations. It is performed on a floor mat in loose, comfortable, preferably cotton clothing.

Please do not eat 2 hours before the treatment. Come to the massage in comfortable, loose clothing. (always on Fridays, or on special request on other days of the week)

60 min € 80,-