Nature makes its presence felt at the Forelle.

In all color shades that it provides voluntarily. Such as stimulating reds, sunny golden yellows or soothing olive greens. Framed by natural, fragrant wood from native forests – and if the wood creaks a little, this only adds to the charm. In between heavenly soft blankets which invite guests to dream away. And it’s no wonder, since even the bed linen is given enough time to dance serenely in the wind as it dries on the clothes line.

Lost in our thoughts, we have an infinite sense of wellbeing and can take time to listen.

To the silence in the woods. Both outdoors and in. In cozy rooms called Sea Rose, Lake Magic, Cowslip or Morning Dew. Or in suites known by the names of Lime Blossom or Morning Sun. We prick up our inner ears, as well. Following our instincts that draw us to our favorite read after breakfast. While passing the time, we find ourselves gazing out over Lake Weissensee and its unspoiled lakeshore, which the locals have good reason to be quite proud of.

It’s just a few meters that separate us.

We take a deep breath and find peace of mind. And are inspired to daydream. Maybe even to pursue new goals, thoughts to take home with us. To engage in exercises amidst an unmatched paradise that is patient with us. For there is always tomorrow. Which means we already look forward to the next sunrise. Accompanied by incredible feelings of joy, ease and peace. Emotions that build up slowly but surely. Just like nature in the Forelle.