Hannes’ good nose attaches great importance to the origin of the ingredients used ...

... at least those that don’t grow in the hotel’s own herb garden. This means the suppliers undergo a thorough grilling. They need to speak Hannes’ language and be close to him. And not just in the local sense. Because authentic cuisine is only ensured by prime quality products, such as the delicate wild fish caught practically within earshot by Martin Müller. Or the exquisite, creamy textured sheep cheese by Seppi Nuart and the organic, mild dairy products of Haus Jakober. Food with that genuine, delicious taste. That delights our palate in the most indulgent way possible. We await creative temptations that find their way into our kitchen. Every day. Implemented with lots of love and patience.

Because there is definitely no room for hurry.

But plenty of room is given to the seasons, that just let grow and prosper what is appropriate for the time. We simply consider it the best approach. This means the royal wild strawberries are savored exclusively in the summertime, while the tangy-sweet dried pears rich in fiber are only made available in the winter months. During a period when they not only taste better because of their intense and genuine aroma, but are also healthier.

True pleasure for the palate.

For us, for our conscience – and also for Hannes, who can be extremely stubborn in this respect. And for all environmentally conscious people anyway. Honesty is both the best policy and the best cook. With its fresh, natural and healthy creations, the Forelle has long since made a name for itself. And Hannes has too, even though he doesn’t place great value on big headlines.