Imagine your vacation begins at home.

Relax, lean back in your seat and enjoy the outdoor scenery on a comfortable train ride. Make sure everything gets on environmentally-friendly tracks. In Greifenburg we change to the eco bus. The rest is taken care of by the complimentary Nature Park Bus. At the village entrance of Praditz, taking us to the Forelle. At 30-minutes intervals. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

We’ve got time.

When gently cruising the lakeshore of Lake Weissensee on segways and e-bikes, leaving us humming contently. Soft mobility. Coming full circle. The playground of nature. It’s no surprise that the park received the Carinthian Mobility Award. And was labelled Nature Park of the Year 2014. Here, serenity seems to come out of the blue. And that is something you first need to get used to. Instead of airplanes we see dragonflies. We relish the silence. And deliberately wait to just do whatever we feel like doing. The main point is slowing down.

After all, we know we don’t have to do anything – and yet could do everything.

Go for a walk and breathe in nature. Or simply allow ourselves to get lost in thought. When we go swimming in Lake Weissensee, we are swimming in crystal clear water pure enough to drink. What a wonderful, soft tingling sensation on the skin. From dawn, when the haze slowly dissipates, until dusk. While breathing deeply the good air. Because industrial plants are nowhere to be found here. At Lake Weissensee, nature and resources are treated with consideration. Organic waste is converted to biogas, thus to pure energy. The sewer system around the lake was designed with nature in mind. We, too, happily give our support to the cycle of nature. That’s what it looks like, the freedom we are talking about at Lake Weissensee. The Nature Park Weissensee is not just a natural wonder but also a genuine and diverse miracle of movement. It draws and inspires us. But only as far as one’s own fancy permits.

The sporting selection ranges from relaxing to dynamic activities.

We cut our own path most of the time. Swimming and snowshoe hiking. Rowing and tobogganing. Ice-skating and e-biking. However, there is one thing you won’t find: waiting lines at the ski lifts. That is something simply unheard of here at Lake Weissensee! And if you are not in the mood for the outdoors, the Forelle offers plenty of good options for indoor activities. Like letting off steam in the sauna. The way there is easily explained: always follow your nose, toward the fresh pine fragrance luring guests to the cozy relaxation lounge.

Activity included.

Settle in and don’t worry about anything. Neither about the costs nor the necessary gear. After all, many activities are already included in the Forelle rates. Have fun!

Activities in summer

  • Nordic Walking incl. poles
  • Joint mountain biking tours incl. bikes 
  • Organised hiking tours 
  • Getting fit through relaxation 
  • Active awakening 
  • Energetic exercises 
  • Spinal exercises
  • Aqua gym 

Activities in winter

  • Ice speed skating (incl. courses) 
  • Cross-country skiing (incl. courses) 
  • Snowshoe hiking 
  • Tobogganing 
  • Traditional ice curling 


  • Cycling: mountain bikes, city bikes, pump, workstand, cleaning utensils, child seats
  • Hiking: backpack, hiking map, poles, map 
  • Nordic Walking: poles, map 
  • Running: heart rate monitors, maps 
  • Cross-country skiing: waxing station, shoe dryer, map, local rental 
  • Speed skating: jig, grinding accessories, shoe dryer, local rental 
  • Alpine skiing: boot dryer, local rental 
  • Traditional ice curling: stocks, targets 
  • Other ice sports: 1 kicksled, room for washing and drying your sports clothing 

Moving ...