Guiding principles of our cuisine

Our guests experience a special ambience with us. With every dish we let our guests feel the alpine See-Hochtal sensory conscious. Traditional or typical ingredients from our living space are the focus of our attention.
Attentiveness is our highest premise. We cook and process only products from Austrian agriculture, which are harvested at the respective seasons and micro-seasons ripe, usual, typical and of highest quality. According to these principles we also collect and harvest our wild herbs & wild plants.
The only exceptions are the foods we preserve, i.e. pickled, frozen, dried and fermented products.
We give priority to farmers in the immediate area when purchasing our goods. The question of whether they are certified organic or not is not of primary importance. However, in any case, we would like to have ongoing communication about the way animals are raised and fed in the case of meat products. Cooperation with our fruit, vegetable and grain farmers requires transparent and comprehensible information on cultivation and harvesting conditions.
We value the high-quality work of our farmers. For this reason, we do not negotiate prices to their disadvantage.
In order for our farmers to produce the highest quality food, the added value must also reach you. Therefore, as far as possible, we do not buy goods from middlemen who profit at the expense of the producers.
We refrain from buying international luxury products.
Demonstrably fairly produced products of the Alps Adriatic region, such as olive oil or balsamic vinegar, may be used in our kitchen.
Food is valuable. We consider additional uses for waste and unused parts.
Our practiced waste management consists of strict waste separation, the production of biogas, the composting of vegetable and fruit leftovers and the production of feed for our domestic pigs.
We supply our kitchen mostly electrically with the power of the sun by means of our in-house PV system. Also, our wood stove or wood bread oven has a special place in our production of the individual dishes & products.