Good things take time.

That is also true for the aromatic meadow herbs and tangy wild flowers that make their way into the kitchen – just a few steps away – to fully unfold their flavors there anew. While anticipation and zest for indulgence keep growing. Butterflies and birds, as well, are excited about the colorful variety of mugwort, daisy, wild fennel, chive or thyme. Luckily, fertilizers are nowhere to be seen here. Neither are distressing alarm clocks. Because Hannes, who heads into the kitchen early in the morning every day, is woken up by the bold quacking of ducks – who need not fear any motorboats on Lake Weissensee. And who have long become friends with the creaking rowing boats. The morning idyll is enriched by the scent of freshly chopped burning wood.

A scent that gently permeates the Forelle.

Originally, in the form of proud spruces and larches of a height of several meters, the surrounding

forest has been able to enjoy the view of Lake Weissensee for decades. Processed to wood chips and pure energy, their resulting heat leisurely makes its way through the house. Into the rooms, where it is greeted by cozy all natural wood furniture. Into the restaurant with views onto the lakeshore. Into the solid wood sauna and the relaxation area filled with the scent of Swiss pine that nobody ever wants to escape. The freshly chopped wood makes it all the way into the kitchen.

To the wood-burning stove, which Hannes refers to as the “heart” of his kitchen.

His “import-independent” creations are impressive proof. Without electric energy. Yet with lots of love. Simply “unplugged.” Like downright honest pork cheek. Served with cabbage and corn.